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London Academy of Sports and Health Sciences offer many professional development courses and continuous education options. All our courses available to upgrade your knowledge, develop your skills, and sharpen your ideas. The medium of instruction for all the courses is English.

Fellowship Diploma Level (30 Credits Hours will be granted for the entire program and must be completed within 12 months or less) WSH365
CodeCourse Title
DIP220Fellowship Diploma in Sports Rehabilitation
DIP265Fellowship Diploma in Orthopedic Rehabilitation
DIP224Fellowship Diploma in Clinical Neurology Science
DIP246Fellowship Diploma in Clinical Rehabilitation Science
DIP228Fellowship Diploma in Mobilization Rehabilitation Technique
DIP281Fellowship Diploma in Therapeutic Exercises
DIP289Fellowship Diploma in Pediatric Rehabilitation
DIP277Fellowship Diploma in Geriatric Rehabilitation
DIP253Fellowship Diploma in Manual Therapy
DIP524Fellowship Certificate in Clinical Kinesiology Taping
WSH365Fellowship Certificate in Updated Approach Toward Stroke Rehab and Prevention
Certificate Level 3 Credits Hours granted for each course, must be completed within 3 months or less
CodeCourse Title
LSH306Kinesiology and Biomechanical Principles
LSH869Common Health and Medical Conditions Exercise
LSH901Principles of Exercise
LSH256Sports and Physical Fitness Measurement
LSH966Fundamental of Sports Therapy
LSH783Health Administration Office Process
LSH797Management of Health Information
LSH755Health Communication Skills
LSH711Medical Insurance
LSH762Health Office Management
LSH013Teamwork in Community Healthcare
LSH531Musculoskeletal Therapy

For more details about courses details and contents please contact the education services center by email:

Note:Only the reference book of the fellowship diploma courses will be sent to you. Any course code have (LSH) in its code will be sent to your email address in PDF format. The book included in the fellowship diploma courses level might subject to change without prior notice. It is important to wait for the confirmation of the course reference book availability from the education services center after submitting your application. Please make sure you provide us with your email address correctly to receive your course reference book and dreading materials without delay. If you ordered a hard copy of the course reading materials, the delivery time depends on the country of residence and other third parties delivery terms and conditions such as post offices and courier companies' terms.
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