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Welcome to Lashs Founder's Note

London Academy of Sports and Health Sciences (LASHS) is an academy based in London United Kingdom but operates by London Academy in Canada, with more than 500,000 reached clients from all over the world. We are a professional development and continuing education academy provide our clients with online distance learning fellowship diploma, certification courses, and professional development knowledge in various areas of Physical Therapy, Sports Medicine, Rehabilitation, Healthcare Management, and Health Sciences. LASHS founded on the principle of "NO TUITION FEES" since we believe that Learning should be a basic right to anyone who needs it. Therefore, we provide nearly free electronic learning certificate courses and fellowship diploma programs.

We believe that, having the right skill is vitally important in sports medicine, rehabilitation, and health care industries. With LASHS, you are assured of learning up-to-date professional knowledge and skills that will prepare you for highest professional standard in your career. Our Academic Staff is continually monitoring advances in the rehabilitation and health science field and keep updating our courses accordingly. Our Academics team studied and come from places such as Atlantic International University in the United States, Ryerson University in Canada, Athabasca University in Canada, University of Salford in the United Kingdom, National Academy of Sports Medicine in the United States, and International Sports Sciences Association in the United States.

With LASHS, you will gain an elite professional knowledge and skills by expanding your knowledge and skills. You will also learn about our affordable and flexible delivery of our courses.

LASHS team looks forward to helping you get the professional development and continuous education certificate and specialization fellowship diploma you need to get ahead in real world life.

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